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My C.V. resume is focused towards an emphasis on proficiency in Tax Audit Advice and  Finance  Accounting Services.


I can assure that the announced  information and descriptions hereby stated are fully adhered to reality and that in no case are  intended nor exaggerates the information provided. I authorize thus  to confirm the contents of my C.V. resume.


I am a European Community national born in Colombia and  I have travelled abroad to Central America, Europe and United States and recently  established my residence at Belgium and Colombia , close to my  ancestry family ties.


I am a multicultural and multilingual oriented professional ( SPANISH, ENGLISH ,FRENCH  GERMAN AND DUTCH ) with a bachelor degree on Accountancy with an excellent dominion of business , commercial English and Spanish languages, acquired through my High School Economics academic period option diploma at an American school in Colombia, and along with my professional background and work experiences on international commerce affairs with manufacturers and financial multinationals and consultants. Besides I have achieved professionally studies on German ,Dutch and French for over more than 5 years on my personal effort.


I’m very concerned with Auditing focus of 3big grand Audit International Firms ( E&Y, PWAG,C&L ) and participated in their internal formation programs courses and audit approaches. My experiences on different types of organizations and clients have deeply defined my orientation towards a broad pursuance challenge for providing integral global solutions for risk prevention and compliance internal control procedures  , audit and financial, operational and legal on efficiency performance and evaluation. I belief that organizations with a continuous adaptation of their both operational administrative and also strategic planning, tactical logistics levels, are more fit to their core issues for the concurrence market survival and expansion. I have exercised greatly on an integral globalized internal and external auditing for financial, operational and legal compliance and tax filings, both on private and public entities. I´m sure that processes today must be globally fully approached as   modernly global interdependency shows as the main topic affecting actual and potential relations, which asks for a deeper and helpfully prioritized overview for professionals more adapted for top affairs involving  macro and micro international and local tasks fulfilled with an ethical conduct committed to the tasks considerations solutions and convinced under the job position applied , should be always considered.


I have additionally  strong communications skills as well as on technical matters as computers,  logistics , commercial , customer service, human resources recruitment, foreign trade ,collections ,budgetary and organizational restructuring ( reengineering) affairs and liquidation of companies.


On the other hand  besides my professional skills, I have always on my personal attitude demonstrated a high moral values pursuance and  responsibility assurance , highly  compromised and serious interest and belief towards achievement, and compliance of corporate goals and local interests. I can recall my formation has been oriented towards a sensitivity on behavioral and a performer of right conduct, constant adaptability, and proficient positive attitude regarding on a strict fellowship of corporate goals, policies , standards and managerial objectives flexibility.


I am convinced that my resume portraits a moral play reinforced on an international environment background and a high personal compromise for facing challenges and overcoming difficulties .adapting to the globalized commerce and regulation demands . Along with an updated professional exercise I have always committed myself updating with the facing financial environment for a homogenized reporting and standards with the E.C sponsor and USGAAP transformation to a world generalized common  ( IFRS ) international financial report system. This also suggests are design of control and goals achievement with a closer fellowship for the facing changes.


I believe that my best asset is  ensuring  results with an advocate team work towards designed organizational international objectives residing  on top quality performance and  personal commitment to put oneself on disposition to top management and down operational specialists to work for general interest  of the company integration to overseas markets interrelationship . Thus my latest activity has been oriented to follow the worlds transition to IFRS -International Financial Reporting Standards- which becomes as  the first being developed and adopted since 2.006 and promoted by Great Britain & Common Wealth , European Community and recently recognized transition in US Gaap / Gaoas standard for accounting convention to homogenize worlds accounting standards accepted world wide and industrialized and developing countries .


In operational tasks I have Hd fine experiences and results.I am also skilled driver of big loads and passenger transport. As well as worked for hotels as bell-boy clerk n sales man agent of toys and razor machines for men and ladies.


In case of a successful incorporation I can offer a complete availability to comply with the new responsibilities and  concerning the compensation fee , I am very enthusiastic that your offer compensation will be  very comfortable for me.








CARRERA 83A No.15-125 Apto. 405

Cali, Valle - Colombia




Mobile Phone and Whatsapp:

(57) 3104257883 / (57) 3005679158 / 3192474686 /3044132699

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Nationality: Colombian and Belgian.




Computers:  Spreadsheets, Excel ; Word Processors Word.


Accounting / Managerial applications: Sun System, JDEdwards, Charry NT, SIIGO and Helisa Accounting Software.ACL auditing sotfware.


Languages:  English : Excellent written and spoken,

            Spanish : Excellent written and spoken

            French: Fairly written and spoken,

            German: Fairly written and spoken.

            Dutch: Fairly written and spoken.


Professional: Strategic planning and budgeting,  accounting and tax filing process ,collections recovery, international commerce  logistics and customs, sales merchandising, audit operational compliance , liquidation of private and governmental companies.




AVAILABILITY: Mobility and relocation availability.










      2.018-2.003  Contractor - CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER-

COMPANY: Income Trade JC &Semaan Media E.U. – Contractor Consultant.

      JOB POSITION: Consultant, Proprietor  and manager.


a)  2.010-2.014

         CLIENT:     Gold and Commmodities Broker ITMS-Importex .

         LOCATION:   Fleron, Belgium and Cali , Colombia.

         JOB TASK:   International Wholesale Commodities Broker –Gold Coal Bonds, Currency, Project Financing investing banks .

         DURATION:   June/2.015 – November 2.018

         ACTIVITY:   Strategic planning, merchandising  and execution of SCO / FCO and IMPFA  for African, Colombian goods ,lemon, cocao, coffee, Gold lingots, Coltan ,Dinar Boxes, Superpetchillis Bonds, BTC Criptocurrency, Spoortbooks, onine Casinos and Colombia destinations.


         CLIENT:     Gold and Commmodities Broker ITMS-Importex .

         LOCATION:   Fleron, Belgium and Cali , Colombia.

   JOB TASK:   International Wholesale Commodities Broker –Criptyo Currencies , Gold, Coltan, Dinars, Coal SuperpitchillisBonds, Currency, Project Financing investing banks .

         DURATION:   June/2.011 – November 2.017

         ACTIVITY:   Strategic planning, merchandising  and execution of SCO / FCO and IMPFA  for African, Colombian goods  and Colombia destinations.



CLIENT:     GRT Telecom / MCF Telecom / NAS Point Telecom/ JC Telecom/ Amber Telecom / IdentidadTelecom Advertising Development /Cellvoz S A./Telweb Colombia/ Deproyect Ltd / WJR Telefonica/GrupoNetvoice / Varsatel Inc.

LOCATION:   Bogota, Colombia.

JOB TASK:   International Wholesale VOIP telecommunications- Contractor.

DURATION:   Jan/2.003 – November 2.011

ACTIVITY:   Strategic planning, merchandising  and execution of voip low price voice sales of routes for Northern& Central Africa, Central America and Caribbean Region,Venezuela and Colombia destinations.

c)  2.006-2.006 CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER-

CLIENT:     Coldecon SA- / Telesat / AndinetISP Telecom

LOCATION:   Bogota, Colombia.

JOB TASK:   General Nation-wideAudit- Contractor

DURATION:   Jan/2.006 – Dec/ 2.006

ACTIVITY:   Planning and execution ofaudit programs on risk approach for operational private Telecom and 1st Mobile Movistarwholesaler dealer and private internet provider AMI COMPARTEL.


2)  2.002 – 1.998 Contractor - CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

COMPANY:    TonnyAlbornoz& Associates Ltda – Consultant Contractor.

      JOB POSITION: Partner and staff manager.


a)  2.002-2.002 CHRONOLOGICAL

CLIENT:     Universidad Piloto.

LOCATION:  Bogota, Colombia.

JOB TASK:   Internal AuditTeaching Staff - Contractor

DURATION:   May/2.002 – Dec/ 2.002

ACTIVITY:   University teacher for Audit principles, operational Audit and managerial accounting programs.


b)   2.001-2.001

CLIENT:     DaewooElectronics de Colombia Ltda –DECO-.

      LOCATION:  Bogota, Colombia.

JOB TASK:   Internal Audit - Contractor

      DURATION:   Dec/2.001 – May/ 2.002

ACTIVITY:   Private electronic appliances inventory, technical support service supervision,planning and execution of audit operational programs on risk approach for technical support franchisers.



1.999 – 2.000 CHRONOLOGICAL

      CLIENT:     Electrocesar S.A.-ControlIntendencyfor Public Services-

      LOCATION:   Valledupar, Cesar.


      DURATION:   Feb./1.999 - July/2.000

ACTIVITY:   Governmental contract for Financial, cost  and budget, legal control and auditing censorship, liabilities graduation and payment compliance guidance and fellowshipElectricity distributor of Cesar's region under official liquidation.

d)  1.998 – 1.999 CHRONOLOGICAL

      CLIENT:     Colombian Economic Development Ministry.

      U.A.E-I.C.T. Official Governmental Institute for the Liquidation of National Housing Fund.

LOCATION:  Bogota , Colombia

JOB TASK:   Finance Advisor for Treasury and Budgeting Control Assistance- Contractor.

      DURATION:   May./1.998 - January /1.999

ACTIVITY:   Governmental financial and budgeting control of operations for accounts receivables. Account for reconciliation for operational, collections, banking and budgeting tracing. Accounts payable  Expense control and payroll  review for tax and approval matters under liquidation.

3)  1.996 – 1.997 Employee -CHRONOLOGICAL

      COMPANY:    Rohm and Haas Colombia S.A.- Branch

      LOCATION:  Bogotá, Colombia

      JOB POSITION:Comptrollership Department Officer International Commerce.

      DURATION:   Sept./1.996 - Dec./1.997

ACTIVITY:   Bank and investments loans control; manual and automatic local and foreign bank statement accounts/ records reconciliations; indirect cost accountability and register and accounts payable register for foreign invoicing; account coding for export and import customs agents and forwarders for raw materials and supplies; authorization and review of payment order for foreign invoices due; CERT incentive recording and reporting for statistical Home Office matters.


4)  1.996 – 1.995 Contractor - CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

COMPANY: Tonny Albornoz &Associates Ltda – Consultant Contractor.

      JOB POSITION: Partner and staff manager.


a)  1.996–

      CLIENT:     Aerorepublica Airlines.

      LOCATION:   Bogota, Cali, Medellin.

      JOB TASK:   Internal Audit Contractor

      DURATION:   July /1.996 - Sept./1.996

ACTIVITY:   Collections accounts operational internal auditing review for local general and travel agents; development and design for internal control of financial and cost accountability documents and procedures, nation-wide bases restructuring.

1.995 – 1.996CHRONOLOGICAL

      CLIENT:     Fiducafe S.A. -Trust-

      LOCATION:  Bogotá, Colombia

      JOB TASK:   Fiduciary Funds Accounting – Contractor.

      DURATION:   Dec./1.995 - April./1.996

ACTIVITY:   Operational management and accountability, of Subsidy Coffee Trust, Bilateral Compensating Overseas Incentive Commerce Trust, Cooperative Institutions Trust register, reporting and bank reconciliations.

5)  1.995 – 1.995 Employee -CHRONOLOGICAL

      COMPANY:    General Motors Acceptance Corporation-GMAC-

LOCATION:   NationwideColombia:Bogotá, Cartagena,Barranquilla, Valledupar, Monteria, Santa Marta, Bucaramanga, Pasto.

      JOB POSITION: Field Collections  Accounting Supervisor Level 5.- SEIT -

      DURATION:   Feb./1.995 - Nov 01./1.995

ACTIVITY:   Field collections agent of financed GMC vehicles at GMC Wholesalers and individual retail customers with past due down payments; promoted as Staff Accounting Supervisor  L-5 in charge of Daily Activity cash collections and posting, refinanced operations , Accounting department evaluation, Head office internal control requisition reporting, and authorization; bank accounts reconciliations.


6)   1.995 – 1.993 Contractor - CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

COMPANY: Tonny Albornoz Associates Ltda –Consultant Contractor.

      JOB POSITION: Partner and staff manager.

a)  1.994 – 1.995 CHRONOLOGICAL

      CLIENT:     Ernst & Young Auditors

      JOB TASK:   Junior Auditor- Contractor.

      LOCATION:  Bogotá and Yopal,  Colombia

      DURATION:   Aug./1.994 –Jan./1.995

ACTIVITY:   Junior Auditor assigned to BPXC-British Petroleum as accounting counselor on cost and logistical Inventory control. Enterra oil field recovery inventory followship.

b)  1.994 – 1.994CHRONOLOGICAL

CLIENT:     Central BankRisk Fund -FOGAFIN--

      LOCATION:  Bogotá, Colombia

      JOB TASK:   Junior Auditor .Contractor.

      DURATION:   Feb./1.994 - May/1.994

ACTIVITY:   Financial, legal and operational review assurance and  financialInstitutions subjected to governmental intervention and treated on a liquidation basis.


c)  1.993 – 1.993 CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER-

      CLIENT:     Price Waterhouse - PWAG S.C.C.

      LOCATION:  Bogotá, Colombia

      JOB TASK:   Junior Tax Assistant- Contractor.

      DURATION:   Aug./1.993 - Dec./1.993

ACTIVITY:   Tax return filing review and legal compliance with tax regulations for international private investorsindividuals.


7)  1.999. – 1.989Contractor -CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

      COMPANY:    CronoCarga Ltda.

      LOCATION:  Bogotá, Colombia

JOB POSITION: Partner and managerimport and export forwardinglogistics     customs regulations consultant and compliance auditor.


a)  1.992 -1.993 CHRONOLOGICAL

CLIENT:     Fabrica de Cuchillas Barba Roja  Ltda- American Razor Safety Company –ASRCO

      LOCATION:   Bogotá, Colombia

JOB TASK:   Import Export and POS merchandising - Contractor.

      DURATION:   Mar./1.992- May./1.993

ACTIVITY:   Procurement and logistics of imported personal care razor shaving machines and single cutting blades from USA and export to Central America. Distribution to dealers  point of sales, merchandising and exhibition promotion of final shaving PERSONNA brand on special events .


b)  1.991 – 1.992 CHRONOLOGICAL

      CLIENT:     SEBLICO Ltda-

      LOCATION:  Bogotá, Colombia

JOB TASK:   Procurement and Administrative Manager- Contractor.

      DURATION:   Mar./1.991- Feb./1.992

ACTIVITY:   Procurement of imported raw materials for security glass manufacture and local high tech personnel hiring clerical tasks. Cost accounting control, sales and expense control and commercial supervision of sales team.


c)  1.990–

      CLIENT:     Fundacion Cardio Infantil Hospital-

      JOB TASK:   Internal control auditor- Contractor.

      LOCATION:  Bogotá, Colombia

      DURATION:   Jan./1.990- Feb./1.991

ACTIVITY:   Private health care and public contract compliance,resources productivity and services optimization, direct cost follow ship of medical procedures ,drug and medical materials inventory, accounting process review.


d)  1.989 – 1.990 CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

      CLIENT:     TOYSA SA -

      LOCATION:   Bogotá, Colombia.

JOB TASK:   Logistics and Line assembly production- Contractor.

      DURATION:   Mar./1.989- Jan./1.990

ACTIVITY:   Logistics transport and depot of raw, productions injections process, assembly and packaging of finished toys ,and dispatch of branded toys THUNDERCATS.


e)  1.988 – 1.989 CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

      CLIENT:     HOTELES ESTELAR La Fontana  -

      LOCATION:   Bogotá, Colombia.

JOB TASK:   Costumer service bell boy - Contractor.

      DURATION:   Jan./1.988- Feb. 1989

ACTIVITY:   client reception and, bellboy luggages reception and valet service to rooms.     



University and College:




2.009 - 2.010     IEPSCF – BACCOMPTA& IFSR, 480 hours at Chenee-Liege, Belgium.

1.988 - 1.995     Santo Tomas University, Accountancy, Accountant License No. 62.668-, Bogotá,Colombia ,

1.985 - 1.985             Naval Academy“Jose Prudencio Padilla”- ENAP,MilitaryCareer, Naval Officer, Cartagena , Colombia.


      Continued Program Education -CPE-:


      2.006- 2.006      Coldecon Coaching Principles30 hours Bogota, Colombia

      2.002 – 2.002     Financial Statements Conversion and Consolidation & Foreign Currency Translation– FAS 52 – Externado de Colombia University 24 hours, Bogota, Colombia.

      2.000-2.000  E.A.N  WINDOWS -OFFICE 30 hours. Bogota, Colombia

      2.000 - 2.000            E.A.N  Internet Fundamentals 30 hours,Bogota, Colombia

      2.000-2.000  Tax Return filing for year (ytd)–GestionEmpresarial G & E. 9 hours, Bogota, Colombia.

      2.000-2.000  DIAN : Invoicing process and regulation: - 8 hours

                        , Valledupar, Colombia.

      1.999 – 1.999     CGN-ESAP-DAFP: Internal Control  16 hours. Bogota, Colombia.

      1.999 – 1.999     CGN :Public Accounting update 16 hours - Bogota, Colombia.

      1.999 – 1.999     AUDISIS: FRAUD DETECTIÓN & CONTROL WITH – ACL program 08 hours, Bogota, Colombia.

      1.998 – 1.997     Informatica&Gestión:SIIGO30 hoursBogota,Colombia.

      1.997 – 1.997     MICROSOFT Compustaff: Excel 30 hours-Bogota, Colombia.

      1.994 – 1.994     Ernst & Young: E&Y Audit Aproach 160 hours Bogota, Colombia

      1.992 – 1.993     Cooper & Lybrand: C & L Audit Approach 160 hours Bogota, Colombia



      High School:


      1.980 – 1.984     CNG - Colegio Nueva Granada - BachillerAcademico and

                        High School Diploma, Bogota, Colombia.


      Elementary School:


      1.973-1.980       Colegio Nueva Granada –Bogota, Colombia

1.968-1.973Colegio Karl C.Parrish– Barranquilla, Colombia.







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